Choosing the Right Pick-to-Light System for Your Warehouse

2 minute read

Turning a warehouse into an efficient operation is an unenviable task. When first starting out, a company has to make what’s available into what works, but all too often they can’t scale up or scale down. They can’t do much more than investing in barcoding software, keep a live inventory, and hope that’s going to be enough. Invariably, it isn’t.

The larger an operation gets, or the more seasonal demands scale up or down the number of SKUs, the more opportunities there are for mistakes, slow-ups, and other time-eating incidents that need to be proactively stomped. Putting Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light equipment in place has multiple advantages and should be part of the solution.

Five Reasons to Consider Voodoo Robotics’s Pick-to-Light


Scaling up for your busy season? Lease and place your wireless pick to light units where they are needed most. Take them down or shift them around as demand and stock changes. No wiring, no downtime, and they can be placed anywhere from a bin, to a cart, to a pallet jack.


Low-Hassle: The devices light up, the picker takes the product and confirms the pick, then pushes a button and moves on to the next line. The device can be programmed to display the picker’s name, how many of the items are needed, and the SKU.


In addition to being wireless, Voodoo Robotics pick to light units can operate up to two years on two AA batteries. That’s cost-effective, and better for the environment – especially if you use rechargeable batteries.

Quick Integration

Everyone has a setup. Wasp barcoding. Sage 80. Fishbowl. Gigatrack. ArbiMed. Sage. Integrating takes very little time.  It’s so simple that you can even use Excel or Google Sheets.

Easy Learning Curve

Leasing the hardware as a service means that there’s no big capital outlay.  You have a chance to really learn the equipment without the pressure to “make it work.” Start small and add more lights as needed or in other warehouse operations.

The Right Technology, Done the Right Way

Smaller businesses can enjoy the same technology as the big guys, but without the installation issues, integration, and training demands. There’s no need for an onsite server or the hassle of maintaining and upgrading equipment. Scaling up or down means you only pay for the lights needed each month and excess devices can be returned or deployed in a different location or for a different use.

Is Voodoo the right pick to light hardware for your business? Only if you like simplicity, convenience, and premium performance at a Not-Amazon price. Call today to schedule a demo, and see how easy technology can be. We’re here to answer all your questions!