Advantages of Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light

2 minute read

Picking technology has been long overdue for a complete overhaul so Voodoo Robotics leveraged the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and invented the next-generation of light-directed picking technology.

Now, pick-to-light includes:

  • Wireless – AA batteries can last a year or more – depending on usage
  • Cloud-based – a simple URL causes devices to light up
  • Month-to-month lease
  • Scalable – pay only for the lights you need each month

Improve productivity by picking more inventory, in less time, and with fewer errors.


5 Advantages of Voodoo Robotics Pick-to-Light

Low Resource

Picking systems have the reputation of being resource intensive, not only in terms of the initial capital outlay but also in terms of the disruption of installation and the downtime involved in wiring power to the racks. Additionally, integration with existing software and barcoding gear made deploying pick to light a turn-off for smaller businesses who can’t afford the loss of product-moving hours. However, with Voodoo Robotics PTL devices, there’s no wiring and nothing more complicated than some AA batteries and a WiFi connection.

Simple Integration

A simple web URL causes a pick light to display two lines of custom text.  It’s so simple that you can even use it with Google Sheets or easily integrate with your WMS or ERP system.  We even provide code samples to get you started!

Eliminate Pain Points

Pain points are known problems without an adequate solution.  For example:

“There’s a problem with [SKU#1] being subbed with [SKU#2].
My customer is complaining about ____.”
“I can’t pick any faster because there are too many similar products.”

Light directed picking increases pick rates and accuracy while reducing errors, thereby eliminating some of the most common yet pervasive pain points.

Scalable and Relocatable

Add more lights in anticipation of the holiday rush and then return them as sales level off.  With a leased-based model, you only pay for the light you use each month.  Lights can be returned or redeployed in another location of the same warehouse or even a different warehouse.  Put lights in a “hot zone” to quickly pick the top-selling products or put them on your existing picking carts so you can batch pick orders efficiently and accurately.  Managers who track KPIs will see the change in accuracy, speed, and lines filled per day.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Pick-to-light no longer requires a thorough ROI analysis followed by a large capital expense.  Now, you implement pick-to-light technology using operating expences rather than capital expenses.

With as few as ten devices, possibly for that hot zone, even a very small operation can deploy pick to light and see the impact of faster picking and reduced errors on the bottom line.

Smart Money

Money invested in improving order fulfillment operations should have a greater net positive effect than the initial expense.  Nothing can damage a balance sheet like unhappy customers, out-of-stocks, mispicked orders or dead inventory.  Get control of your inventory with a light-directed picking solution that increases picking accuracy while reducing errors. The money spent can quickly translate into long-term growth and profitability.