5 Common Misconceptions About Pick-to-Light

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You might assume you know everything there is to know about pick-to-light systems.  After all, they haven’t changed much in the last thirty-five years. 

Well, you’re wrong!  Recent changes in pick-to-light technology have turned this industry on its head.

Let’s look at the top five misconceptions about the latest picking technology.

Misconception 1:  Pick-to-Light = Red and Green Light Bars

When people think of Pick-to-Light, they picture the same red and green light bars that they’ve seen forever.  But as Barak Obama would say, “1990 is calling, and it wants it Pick-to-Light technology back!” 

At Voodoo Robotics, we’ve leveraged modern Internet of Things (IoT) technology and created a pick-to-light solution that communicates with a simple URL.  Our devices light up with two customized lines of text, so that you can specify, in whatever language you need, specific information about filling your order.

Specify a product’s:

  • SKU
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Serial number
  • Picker’s name
  • Order ID
  • Some other alphanumeric text

Misconception 2:  Pick-to-Light is Installed Permanently, and Requires Wiring Up Your Racks

Our pick-to-light system is wireless, eliminating the need to run power or communication wires.   Devices can be mounted almost anywhere and relocated with ease.  Two AA batteries can last for a year or more (depending on usage) and are accessible from the front – making battery changes quick and easy.  You can also monitor batteries from our cloud server and get plenty of warning time if batteries are running low. 


Misconception 3: Pick-to-Light Carts are Expensive Specialized Carts with Heavy Car Batteries

Batch picking with pick-to-light carts used to require custom carts with built-in hardware and heavy rechargeable batteries.  Now you have the flexibility and freedom to use the economical picking cart that is right for you and your warehouse!

Put lights on:

  • Utility Carts
  • Security Carts
  • Bin Carts
  • Lift Carts
  • Hybrid carts
  • PackMuless
  • Other electric and non-electric carts that you already own!

Misconception 4: Pick-to-Light is Only Installed as Part of an Entire Order Fulfillment System

In the past, light directed picking systems have been included as part of a comprehensive order fulfillment solution.  Lights were purchased along with racks, conveyors and other equipment.  Implementing pick-to-light required special knowledge and a complicated integration process.  Often your choice of pick-to-light systems depended on who your system integrator had experience with or who was already integrated with your WMS or ERP. 

Not anymore!  Now, you can order a pick-to-light system directly from Voodoo Robotics and install it yourself.  We provide code samples to make it even easier to integrate.  Or, you can use Google Sheets.  It really is that simple! 

Misconception 5: Pick-to-Light is Expensive and Only for Large Operations

We created a pick-to-light system with the intention of revolutionizing the industry.  All warehouses and distribution centers should be able to improve their order picking accuracy – not just the largest, most competitive operations. We’re leveling the playing field with a lease-based model that facilitates the switch from CAPEX to OPEX and allows you to scale up and down as needed.

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