2020 Buyer's Guide to Pick-to-Light



Keep up with the changes in Pick-to-light technology.

  • Discover what is new in pick-to-light technology
  • Compare types of light-directed picking and putting systems
  • Understand the advantages of pick-to-light
  • Predict pick-to-light system costs
  • Understand the purchase and implementation process


What is put-to-light?

Put-to-light and pick-to-light are light-directed order fulfillment technologies that increases the speed and accuracy of picking, putting, sorting, or kitting items in a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility.  Light modules are installed on racks, shelves, bins, or totes.  When a pick-list is initiated, a light indicates how many of each item should be picked from or placed in a specific location.



Why do you need this guide?

Pick-to-Light an put-to-light are popular order picking technologies which have undergone significant changes in recent years.  What started off as red and green light bars wired into racks and picking carts have evolved into a system of wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can be used in all sorts of new ways!  This guide covers the basics of put-to-light technology, including:

  • What is new in put-to-light and pick-to-light technology
  • Compare types of light-directed picking and putting systems2020-Buyers-Guide-to-Pick-to-Light
  • Advantages of pick-to-light and put-to-light
  • Put-by-light system costs
  • Overview of the purchase and implementation process


How has the Internet-of-Things (IoT) changed  the pick-by-light industry?

Pick-by-light and put-by-light technology has been around for more than 35 years but has changed very little - until recently.  The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies are transforming the supply chain industry and having a dramatic impact on order fulfillment technology.  That doesn't mean that traditional put-to-light systems are obsolete.  In fact, there are situations in which traditional systems are the ideal solution.  It's important to understand the advantages and limitations of each technology. 

The 2018 Buyer's Guide to Put-to-Light will get you up to speed, so you can make an informed choice.



The 2020 Buyer's Guide to Pick-to-Light is a surprisingly helpful resource for warehouse and distribution center managers who are contemplating the purchase of a light-directed picking or putting system.

I had no idea there were two totally different types of picking and putting systems available and that each has its place in the supply chain.  Thanks to this guide, I was able to make the right choice for our complex warehouse environment.

My boss was throughly impressed with the industry knowledge I gained from this E-book.  He asked me to find a solution to our mispick problem and was really impressed that I found a solution that solves several of our challenges.  

I didn't think our company could a afford pick-to-light system but the eBook introduced me to new, more affordable, technology.  Now we have a more efficient order fulfillment process and our order accuracy has improved.