What is Voodoo Robotic's Pick-to-Light?

2 minute read

Pick-to-Light is no longer symbolized by red and green flashing lights that indicate what an operator should pick.  Warehouse managers hate one-trick-ponies and prefer solutions that can be deployed across a wide range of needs – not just a little blinking light on a shelf.

This is where Voodoo robotics brings something better to the table with a new wireless cloud-based picking technology!

What Makes Voodoo Robotics Different?

Pick-to-light was ready for a revolution. Big players have used light systems for decades, but putting them in place involved the operational disruption of running wires, moving shelves, software integration, and training. That kind of downtime can hurt and the technology was prohibitively expensive.

Voodoo Robotics created a wireless, cloud-based pick-to-light that is easy to install and integrate – without disrupting your order fulfillment operations.  And it’s affordable!


Wiring a warehouse full of devices is a great way to drive everyone out of their minds. With a WiFi enabled PTL device and a Turbo device, the device connects automatically and is up and running, ready to do any number of tasks.


Cloud technology is safe, reliable, secure and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Scalability
  • Continuity
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Automatic updates


Two AA batteries are all that’s needed to power a PTL device for a year or more (depending on usage).  Wireless devices can be attached almost anywhere and relocated with ease!


Two lines of illuminated text convey information better than a blinking red or green light. The message can be customized to the picker’s name, and the items and quantity to be picked. Devices can also be attached to pick carts, pallet jacks – anywhere that two lines of information can make a difference.


A simple URL lights up the devices with two lines of custom text.  It’s so simple that you can you use Google Sheets to light up devices or easily integrate with your ERP or WMS.


Scale up in anticipation of increased demand by leasing more lights.  Return the lights when demand falls – paying only for the lights you need each month.  This leased-based model is ideal for the short-term Third-Party-Logistics (3PL) contracts and seasonal e-commerce shopping.

Pick-to-light systems increase pick-rates while reducing errors. The wrong item put away in the wrong bin, the wrong SKU pulled for an order, an error on a part picked for assembly are all costly mistakes. Pick-to-light reduces these types of errors and the costs involved to fix them.

There’s no Risk!

Voodoo Robotic’s picking system is risk-free.  You can start with a starter kit of ten lights to conduct a small proof of concept.  Add more lights as needed.  There’s no contract and no risk.  It’s easy to:

  • Locate rarely picked inventory
  • Set up a “hot zone” where the most in-demand items are located for faster picking
  • Quickly find will-call orders when a customer walks in.
  •  A picking cart equipped with Cloud Display Devices can start with a picker, then go to packing and shipping with instructions for each part of order handling.